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Who we are

We are Anjon Medical Technologies. We are a medical contract manufacturer. In sending us data via our website, we assume that you are interested in at least exploring some form of business relationship. Our website address is: https://www.anjonholdings.com

What personal data we collect and why we collect it


We do not track you.


If you upload files to the website, your files are protected from normal users. We move them from the server as soon as we receive the notice that you have uploaded files. They are moved to a secure location and shared with no one outside the Company.

If we form a business relationship, your confidentiality is covered by our non-disclosure agreement. Records you have given to us as we quoted your work will be moved to our formal document control system. Device master record elements are properly controlled and stored.

If we do not form a business relationship, your confidentiality will be respected. Your files will be deleted from our system once we understand that we will not be going forward with the work.

In any case, submitting files via this website confers no privileges of ownership to Anjon Medical Technologies . We make no commitments in accepting your documents other than standard business confidentiality.


We do not use Cookies on our website except in so far as WordPress requires them to function. We do not store cookies.

If you come to visit us, we will give you a cookie with your coffee.


We do not participate in tracking or data harvesting programs. If you link directly to our site, you will contribute nothing to the world wide web data pool EXCEPT for what Google, your web hosting supplier and other fully autonomous non-government agents gather.