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Anjon Holdings was founded in 1988 and is a contract manufacturer of medical implants, components, finished medical devices, design assistance and offers sterilization/packaging/validation services. Initially we manufactured the Bremer Halo Cervical Spine External Fixation System. We keep in mind the lives of the patients that we help and manage product risk with the patient in mind as if a member of our own families.


We are committed to meeting customer and regulatory requirements by maintaining an effective quality management system. We produce both product for sale under our own design control and finished and unfinished medical devices as a contract manufacturer.

As a commitment to quality, we ensure compliance with applicable medical device regulations. We strive to continually improve and ensure we provide reliable and cost-effective solutions to our customers’ needs.

Who We Are

  • We strive to become a partner with our customer.
    • Doing so through on time performance, quality products/services, and within budgets.
  • We respond to RFQ’s in a very short timeframe.
  • We offer prototype to production capabilities.
  • We offer quick turn lead times.
  • We package and label to the customer’s specifications.
  • We involve the customer from the beginning of the program to the end from a design/performance perspective.
  • We communicate with the customer to make sure they are fully aware of the status of their work.
  • We have the necessary equipment/capabilities to manufacture for the industry.
  • We manufacture using all the required materials.
  • We are ISO 13485 and FDA approved.
  • We are appropriately sized to respond and react to customer demands.

Let Anjon demonstrate how we will perform for you in the immediate and long term.